ALBUM: Bheka Mthethwa – Supernal Sounds (Live)

ALBUM: Bheka Mthethwa – Supernal Sounds (Live)

ALBUM: Bheka Mthethwa – Supernal Sounds (Live)

Celebrated South African bassist Bheka Mthethwa is presenting his debut album, “Supernal Sounds” on a platter of gold – two years after it was recorded live at the Soweto Theatre.


The Supernal Sounds has gone on to record several shows but now Bheka Mthethwa brings it to your doorsteps.

The multi-talented act who is a genius with several instrumentals and also capable of singing simply answered the call and yearnings of several music fans. His ingenuity had started from years ago.

He was born in 1986 in Empangeni, Northern KwaZulu Natal but grew up in the village of KwaMthethwa. There, he grew the passion for music and learning the guitar.

Once he developed interest in the bass guitar, the rest they say is history. He’s gone on to enjoy several successes and his affiliation with Joyous Celebration remain at the forefront.

On August 15th, 2015, Bheka Mthethwa recorded the first of the Supernal Sounds Show. With the doors of the Soweto Theatre opening at 6pm of that beautiful evening, the show started at 7pm. Tickets went for around R150 and R200.

However, that will eventually cost nothing for attendees as they got the first chance to see Bheka Mthethwa record history. That show gave birth to several shows that has gone on around other venues and the “Supernal Sounds” album.

The whopping 26-long tracks of musical ingenuity has got you all stuck with a masterclass that even the future generations would come to love, appreciate and celebrate.

Good news is that for the more traditional music fans, Bheka Mthethwa will be making the “Supernal Sounds” album available on CD & DVD. For the more modern fans, the project of musical art is already available on all digital platforms.

You do not want to be told before you grab your copy of musical blessings. However, just remember to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below. Bheka Mthethwa – Supernal Sounds (Live)

Album Tracklisting:

Supernal Intro (feat. Vuyo Tshuma) Supernal Sounds (Live) Supernal Prayer (Live)
The Lord’s Prayer (Live)
He’s My Desire (Live)
Revelation 4 Prelude (Live) Revelation 4 (Live)
Always (Live)
Ngiyamtsandza Lo Jesu (Live)
Gelekeqe (Live)
[feat. Skeel] Sikhonz’ ujehova (Live)
All by Grace (Live)
[feat. Mabongi] I’m Saved (Live)
i Can See the Light (Live)
Ufanelwe Medley (Live)
Psalm 23 (Live)
I Can’t Wait (Live)
Ndiyabulela (Live)


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